Gift card electronic gift card


Baron Florence From today provides you with the brand new gift cards to give to your loved ones to buy on our website whatever likes and want.

When we make a gift to someone special, we want to be sure that he will love him.

And this is not always easy.

Give someone an e-card Barone Florence, and choose the perfect product together with us.

We will send you a piece of unique and handmade Italy.

How does it work?

Electronic gift cards are sent directly to your inbox after ordering. They work online immediately.

To give someone an electronic gift card, you can print the e-mail or send it to the recipient.

Keep in mind that electronic gift cards expire 1 year after purchase and cannot be refunded. Furthermore, the e-gift cards cannot be returned or exchanged with cash.

The e-gift cards cannot be purchased using a discount code.

In the case of a product ordered via e-Gift Card, the product can be made and replaced if the Rendered Barone Florence rules are respected, but cannot be refunded.

Finally, in case of partial use of an e-gift card, this will be automatically updated with the residual value.
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